Virtual Impact:  Mitchell Niekamp ’13

Mitchell Niekamp ’13Mitchell Niekamp graduated from Fort Hays State University in May 2013, having earned a MBA with a concentration in Leadership Studies. Originally from Camp Point, Ill., Niekamp has been playing professional American football – not soccer – in Austria and Germany for the past three years.

Niekamp now plays quarterback for the Osnabrück Tigers. He plays football for six to eight months a year there, and returns to Camp Point for time with family and friends in the off-season.

Niekamp has traveled throughout 20+ countries during his football career in Europe. As he was pursuing his career in football and travelling, he found time to earn his MBA through Fort Hays State’s Virtual College. As Niekamp says, “I found Fort Hays State by searching online while I was in Europe. FHSU’s Virtual College provides a great value. I really appreciated the ease with which I could do my course work while travelling. The ability to do the entire degree online was one of the most important things in earning my MBA.” He also appreciated the flexibility in career choices that an MBA provides, and feels that his marketability and long-term potential is greatly improved with the credential his MBA provides.

Niekamp enjoyed his relationships with his professors, especially Dr. Charles Wolfe. In Mitch’s words, “He is a great instructor. Fantastic. He has the ability to relate subject matter into the real world. While everyone in my MBA program was a motivated learner, Dr. Wolfe really made us want to do our very best.”

Niekamp has the following advice for those who want to be successful juggling life and academics. “I know it sounds cliché, but it all comes down to time management. That is the key to being successful, and remember that you get out of something what you put into it.

Niekamp will be playing his last season this fall, and will then return to the U.S. to pursue his business interests.

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