DeBra Prideaux

DeBra Prideaux 
'86 BA Political Science, '92 MS Counseling

Executive Director, Alumni and Governmental Relations

The Executive Director, acting as general manager under authority of the Board, performs the detailed management of the Association. The director directs and coordinates all alumni and governmental relations' activities, initiates alumni programs and is responsible for implementing policies presented by the Board. The President of the University appoints the Executive Director with input from the Board.



 Charlene Nichols Charlene Nichols
Assistant Alumni Director

The Assistant Director reports directly to the Executive Director and is responsible for planning and implementing a variety of activities, programs and services, as well as developing and fostering relationships with alumni and friends.



 Jeani Billinger

Jeani Billinger
'72 AB English, '83 MS Communication

Office Manager

The Office Manager answers directly to the Executive Director of the Alumni Association and is responsible for overseeing daily office operations; hiring and supervision of student workers; developing, editing and processing materials for the Alumni Board of Directors, Homecoming, graduation, the Student Recognition Program and office publications; while serving as the secretary of the Half Century Club and facilitating events.



 Lisa Lang Lisa Lang
Finance/Database Manager 

The Finance/Database manager reports to the Executive Director and is responsible for all financial transactions and bookkeeping duties, database training for staff and students, maintaining the integrity  of the alumni database, special projects, requesting reports from the university and distributing labels/listings/address files to on and off campus clients.



 Karl Pratt Karl Pratt
'14 BM Vocal Performance

Program Coordinator (Communications)

The Program Coordinator answers directly to the Executive Director and is responsible for maintaining the alumni web presence (content management system); event registration and email marketing; and publication of news releases, the bi-monthly e-Newsletter FHSU-TigerTalk and the FHSU Magazine.


 Janette Meis Janette Meis
'93 BA Sociolgy

Program Coordinator

The Project Coordinator is responsible for coordinating the Association chapter system as well as special events and programs aimed at the various constituencies of the university, including youth and prospective students. This position also serves as the Tigers4Ever sponsor.




Fall 2017 Student Alumni Staff
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