Organization & Governance

Board of Directors
The Board of Directors establishes policies regarding the management and activities of the Alumni Association.  Policy formulation is based upon recommendations and information provided by the Executive Director.  The Alumni Board is composed of at least 12-24 members and six ex-officio members.  Ex-officio members enjoy all privileges of directorship except the right to vote.  Each director serves a four-year term, with at least three new directors selected each year.  Two of these directors are representatives from the university faculty and will serve a three-year term.  The Board meets once annually to receive and review reports of the professional staff and committees to assure proper implementation of policies.

Executive Council
The Executive Council is composed of the President, President-elect, Immediate Past President, Executive Director, the Awards & Recognition, Finance & Operations, Membership & Marketing committee chairs, and two at-large directors.  The Executive Council takes official action on behalf of the Board of Directors while the Board is not in session.

Awards & Recognition Committee
The Awards and Recognition Committee is responsible to the Board of Directors for nominating alumni and friends of the university to be recognized or honored by the Association.

The Association has for many years given special awards for achievement and service and continues to expand its awards program as new areas of achievement develop.  Recipients are recognized at the Awards Banquet at Homecoming, at the University Holiday Party in December, and at the Graduate and Faculty Brunch in May.  Included in the Association's award roster are Faculty and Staff Service, Pilot and Torch, Young Alumni, Distinguished Service, Alumni Achievement, and Nita M. Landrum awards.

The committee also serves as a nominating committee, which proposes a slate of officers and directors, according to the by-laws and policies of the Association, which is voted on by the current Board.

Finance & Operations Committee
The Finance and Operations Committee is responsible to the Board of Directors in matters relating to the fiscal integrity of the Alumni Association.  The committee shall oversee preparation of the annual Alumni Association budget, all income and expenditure reports, and the investment of all assets currently available for investment, year-end reports relating to Association finances, the audit process, along with other financial duties that the Board of Directors deem appropriate.  The investment portfolio will be diversified to provide reasonable assurance that no single security (investment) of class of securities (investments) will have a disproportionate or significant impact on the total portfolio.

Membership & Marketing Committee
The Membership and Marketing Committee is responsible to the Board of Directors in creating and monitoring the association's progress in meeting goals set for overall membership initiatives and alumni programming.

The committee shall assist and advise in all aspects of the Association's public relations activities in increasing greater support among its constituents.  The committee will also assist the Association in determining how to achieve greater visibility and more effective communication with alumni through the printed, broadcasting and electronic media.

Updated April 2009